Which method of NFP is best for our marriage?

by Cathy Dornisch, Coordinator of Natural Family Planning

I get dizzy when I try to buy toothpaste…the options are endless. At different times of my life though, when my needs varied, I was happy to have varying options to choose from. A similar thing happened as my husband and I practiced NFP. We initially learned our diocesan sympto-thermal method, and all was well. Down the road, however, we experienced secondary infertility – we struggled to conceive our second child. What a blessing it was to have access to another NFP method (Creighton FertilityCare) to help us understand what was happening. Eighteen months later, we welcomed our Cecilia Rose to the world! 

Here in the Erie Diocese we have teachers from four different NFP methods. Our diocesan sypmto-thermal method has teachers throughout our wide-spread diocese. It tracks temperature, mucus, and secondary fertility signs. This course can be taught online as well. The Couple-to-Couple League (CCL) method is another sypmto-thermal method. In-person classes are taught in the Erie and Clarion areas, but online classes are also available.  

In addition, our Clarion-based CCL teachers offer Spanish-only NFP courses upon request. The CCL method also offers a dedicated charting app called CyclePro. The Family of the Americas course offered in the diocese records only mucus observations. This course can also be taught in-person or online. Finally, there is the Marquette Method. While this course teaches sympto-thermal observations, it is sypmpto-hormonal as it also utilizes a fertility monitor to assess hormone levels. Our Coudersport-based teacher can teach in-person or online as well. Marqette is also in the process of developing a dedicated app for its method. 

People are different. Our bodies change and our needs in marriage change. God’s amazing design of our fertility and the fundamentals for observing it remain the same. 

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