Vicar for Education
Rev. Nicholas J. Rouch
(814) 824-1220

Catholic Schools
The Catholic Schools Office provides support to the elementary and secondary schools in the Diocese of Erie. A wide range of services and resources are provided to teachers, principals, parents, and students. Policies, curriculum, federal and state funding programs, teacher and principal personnel, school finance and general operation of the Catholic school system.

Oversees all aspects of Catholic schools in the diocese, leads the implementation of Building in Truth and Love, the plan for schools announced in February 2016.
Superintendent: Jim Gallagher
(814) 824-1241

School Personnel
Works with appropriate personnel to maintain the Catholic identity and viability of all the schools in the diocese. Assists with contracts, documentation for applicants, the Induction program, and support for personnel issues.
Director: Dr. Sam Signorino
(814) 824-1247

Develops elementary and middle school curriculum, oversees standardized testing programs, report cards and coordinates Act 48 reporting.
Director: Kimberly Lytle
(814) 824-1248

Government Programs
Administers and explores possibilities for state and federal programs that benefit Catholic schools.
Director: Roberta Bucci
(814) 824-1238

School Finance
Reviews school budgets, assists with employee benefits, and coordinates Tuition Assistance Programs.
Director: Charles Banducci
(814) 824-1188

Athletic Programs
The diocesan athletic program in a parish setting provides an avenue to teach Christian values of competition, helping young people achieve a balance in their lives in order to attain what is good and right and possible in healthy competition, without adverse effects of overemphasizing competition.
Director: Douglas Chuzie
(814) 824-1245

Chastity Education
With the “The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality” as a foundational document, this office offers seminars on the Sympto-thermal Method of Natural Family Planning, a Mother Daughter Tea program, Speakers for school age as well as adult groups, Family Enrichment Days, a pre-Lenten Couples’ Retreat and “The Spirit of Life & Love” a parish program which raises awareness of NFP as a way of life. Consultative services and guidelines for implementing chastity education are provided.
Director of Chastity Education: Kate Whiteford
(814) 824-1259
Coordinator of Natural Family Planning
Cathy Dornisch 
(814) 512-0818

Campus Ministry         
Coordinates the Catholic campus ministry programs in the colleges and universities throughout the diocese through visitations, retreats and in-service days.
Diocesan Director: TBD
Click here for a list of campus ministry directors


Religious Education
The Religious Education Department spiritually forms and professionally prepares pastoral leaders to promote the Gospel through message, community, worship and service.
Interim director: Sr. Nancy Fischer, S.S.J.
(814) 824-1217

Religious Education/Adult Religious Education
Assists parishes to implement effective religious education programs through the development of policy, planning and on-going program assessment.
Interim director: Sr. Nancy Fischer, S.S.J.
(814) 824-1217

Religious Education Eastern Vicariate
Helps parishes with the overall development of Religious Education programs.  Primary interest is the certification of parish religious education leaders and catechists; the support of parent sacramental programs; and the encouragement of the religious education community in the Eastern and Western Vicariate.
Associate Director: Sr. Mary Elizabeth Oettel, O.S.B.
(814) 781-3214

Religious Education Western Vicariate
Associate Director: Katharyne Higgins
(724) 704-7654

Youth and Young Adult Ministry          
Coordinates diocesan youth and young adult ministry programs and supports the formation and training of parish youth leaders.
Interim director: Sr. Nancy Fischer, S.S.J.
(814) 824-1217

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: Supports Catholic scouting efforts across the diocese.
Interim director: Sr. Nancy Fischer, S.S.J.
(814) 824-1217

Community Formation and Lay Ministry Training
Integrates the vision of church as community into the diocese mainly through promoting the development of small Christian communities in parishes. Also provides for a diocesan wide Lay Ministry Training Program consisting of three levels and accessible to all parishioners
Interim director: Sr. Nancy Fischer, S.S.J.
(814) 824-1217

Media Resource Library          
Directs the acquisition and lending of diocesan media and catechetical resources. A yearly subscription plan is available.
Director: Mary Hickin
(814) 824-1222