Summary for Fortnight Webpage:

Each year dioceses throughout the United States observe the Fortnight for Freedom, which begins on June 21st, the eve of the Feast Day of Saints Thomas More and John Fischer and culminates with Independence Day (July 4th). During this time of prayer, reflection and advocacy, Catholics are encouraged to champion for the protection of our most cherished freedoms set in place by our founding fathers.

The theme of this year’s celebration is Fortnight for Freedom: Freedom for Mission. Through following Jesus, we serve as missionary disciples bringing hope, comfort and truth to all people we encounter. When religious freedom is defended and upheld, people of all religious backgrounds are free to live the tenets of their faith without fear or coercion.

Please join with Catholics nationwide in recommitting ourselves to supporting and protecting religious liberty in our country and in our world. 

Video: The Right to Religious Freedom


Pray, Reflect and Act

Freedom to serve migrants and refugees

May we be God's servants first

Freedom to care for the sick

Freedom to bear witness to truth

Freedom to serve God with our whole lives

Freedom to seek the truth

For Christians in the Middle East

Freedom to serve through education

For the freedom of the Church

Freedom to serve families and children awaiting adoption

Freedom to serve the vulnerable

Freedom to build stronger communities

For our sisters and brothers in Mexico

May we promote a culture and freedom for all

USCCB statement
Our First, Most Cherished Liberty: A Statement on Religious Liberty
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