About the Erie Diocese

We are a diocese composed of the thirteen counties of Northwestern Pennsylvania with a Catholic population of about 222,000. Geographically, we are the largest diocese in the state covering 10,167 square miles. The diocese is primarily rural (farm lands, fields and forests) with one large city, Erie (the See city) and two medium metropolitan areas of Sharon and Meadville.

Serving the diocese are 117 parishes and 18 missions, with about 184 clergy and 326 religious women involved in various ministries. We educate 8,494 students in elementary, middle and high schools for the 2011-2012 school year; our religious education programs involve close to 11,750 children and youth.

The Diocese of Erie welcomed 1,730 people in baptism this past year while 2,469 members of our parish families were called home to God this past year.

These facts tell you a little about what we are as a church. Visit the rest of our Web site as well as our most recent issues of Faith magazine and FaithLife news bulletin to see what is happening now and how you can join us.

Driving Directions are also available if you are planning a trip to the Administrative offices of the Diocese at St. Mark Catholic Center.