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How can I contact a Priest, Sister, Parish or get a school transcript?

Where can I find an address for a particular priest?
Please visit Priests of the Diocese on our web page.

How can I find the address of a sister I once knew?
Please contact Joan Fye or visit our Women Religious web page to learn more about corresponding with our Women Religious.

Who becomes the guardian of records for a Parish or Mission that is now closed?
Contact our Archives Department for information.

Where can I find the phone number or address for a particular parish?
Please visit our Find a Parish page. There is also a Map of the Diocese for your convenience in finding a parish near you.

The high school I attended is closed now. Where can I find my high school transcripts?
Contact our Catholic Schools Office for information about obtaining high school transcripts.

I am going on out of town on vacation. I'd like to attend Sunday mass. How can I find mass times for churches at my destination?
If you are travelling within the Diocese, mass times are available for all churches within the Diocese of Erie.

If you are travelling outside the Diocese of Erie, you can visit: for a listing of Catholic Churches through out the country. Please note that this list is not complete, but new churches are added often.