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How can I contact a priest, sister, parish or get a school transcript?

Where can I find an address for a particular priest?
Please visit Priests of the Diocese on our web page.

How can I find the address of a sister I once knew?
Please contact Joan Fye or visit our Women Religious web page to learn more about corresponding with our Women Religious.

Who becomes the guardian of records for a parish, church or mission that is now closed?
Contact our Archives Department for information.

Where can I find the phone number or address for a particular parish?
Please visit our Find a Parish page. There is also a Map of the Diocese for your convenience in finding a parish near you.

The high school I attended is closed now. Where can I find my high school transcripts?
Contact our Catholic Schools Office for information about obtaining high school transcripts.

I am going on out of town on vacation. I'd like to attend Sunday mass. How can I find mass times for churches at my destination?
If you are travelling within the Diocese, mass times are available for all churches within the Diocese of Erie.