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What programs does the Diocese have for adults who want to learn about and grow in faith?

Where can I learn more about the Catholic faith
If you are interested in the Catholic Church, contact a parish near you. Parish information may be found on the parish page. You will be invited to meet with a group of people like yourself who are inquiring about the Catholic faith. Many of your questions will be answered, and you will feel very much at home.

You can learn more from the Office of Christian Initiation.

How can I help to form Small Christian Communities in my parish?

Learn about how the Diocese can help your parish to form Small Christian Communities

What retreat programs are available for adults?

Learn about adult retreat programs at Cursillo.

What does the Diocese offer for engaged, married or divorced persons?
Learn about programs at the Family Life Office page.

What does the Diocese offer to help me to continue to learn about the faith?
Learn about programs for adult training and continuing education at the Lay Ministry Training page or the Adult Education page.

How can I meet with a Spiritual Director?
You can contact someone at the Ecclesia Center by visiting the Ecclesia Center web page.