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May 4, 2014

Primary candidates respond to diocesan survey

Only about 16 percent of the candidates representing districts in the Diocese of Erie responded to a survey distributed recently by the diocesan Office of Parish Social Ministry and Respect Life in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference in Harrisburg.

Six candidates (of 36) running for state House and Senate seats responded to the survey, which included questions covering such topics as education, marriage, abortion and the death penalty.

Here are the six candidates who responded to the primary survey:

66th Pennsylvania House of Representatives District (includes Jefferson County): Republican Paul Corbin and Democrat Robert “Toby” Santik

17th Pennsylvania House of Representatives District (includes Crawford and Mercer counties: Republicans Ed Franz and Gary J. Temple, and Democrat Dennis P. Webber

Pennsylvania’s 50th Senatorial district (includes Mercer County): Democrat Michael T. Muha.


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