PALS (People After Loss from Suicide) is a non-denominational support group for those whose loved ones committed suicide.

PALS meets on
the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.
at St. Mark Catholic Center
429 E. Grandview Blvd., Erie

Guest speakers are offered at different times of the year and rap groups continue to meet throughout the year. No reservations are necessary and all are welcome. For further information, in Erie call (814) 824-1257.

Many survivors feel misunderstood as they try to deal with their grief or feelings of guilt and shame. Still others face intolerance from those who have not experienced the pain of suicide loss, and just want the individual to "get over it". The group tries to identify obstacles that prevent them from growing, and offers unconditional acceptance. Many survivors comment on how they came to a deeper insight of the complications of depression due to their participation in PALS.

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