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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the 2018 CSA?

Sync Dates:
March 14
April 18
May 16
June 13
July 18
August 15
September 12
October 17
November 14
December 12
January 30, 2019 Final Sync Due

Sync Submission Deadlines (PDF)

Can I submit my CSA information early?

If you are not able to submit CSA information during the deadline week due to vacation or some scheduled absence, it is better to submit your data earlier rather than later (but not too early). You may want to put a note in the Sunday bulletin explaining that due to vacation (or illness) CSA reminders will not reflect payments submitted after such and such date. This will avoid phone calls when bills and payments cross in the mail. 

Click here to email Julia Cooney

How do I unsubscribing a parishioner from Faith magazine?

If a family contacts you and requests removal from the Faith Magazine mailing list, please add the letter "c" to the end of their parish envelope number. (For example 103c.)

If you were marking these families by using the email address or, we ask you to use the "c" instead. 

Likewise, if you were marking families who request removal from the Faith Magazine mailing list by checking the "Send No Mail" box, we ask that you use the "c" instead.

CSA Financial Sync:  Did you get my sync?

We are instituting a new confirmation system.  During the CSA Financial Sync deadline week, you will receive an email confirmation after we receive your sync.  Emails are sent at the end of the day.   If we have not received your sync, you will receive a reminder that the sync is still outstanding.

CSA Financial Sync: Error Invalid Keywords

Has an invalid fund keyword 1 of: " on the Rates /History/Keywds screen.

You left Fund Keyword 1 blank. 

Has an invalid fund keyword 2 of: " on the Rates /History/Keywds screen.

You left Fund Keyword 2 blank.

What if my parishioner didn't get a bill?

Check their contribution:  Do you have the keyword 1 and 2 set as "No Reminder"?

Did you remember to check the "Synchronize with Diocese" check box?

If they chose email,

  1. please make sure you have the correct email address.
  2. ask the parishioner to check their spam or junk mail folder.  (You may also suggest that they whitelist the email address or add it to their safe senders list.)

If they chose bi-monthly, they will only receive a reminder in May, July, September, November & January

How do I reinstall Church Office?

If you purchase a new computer or are reinstalling software for other reasons and have lost your Church Office ver. 6 CD, you can download the software:

1. Go to
2. Click on “Client Portal” on the top right
3. Click on “Downloads” under Resources on the left
4. Sign in with your email address, site number, and pin
5. Click on “Church Office 6 Full Install”
6. Click the “Download” link and save the installation file to your desktop
7. On your desktop, double-click the file “Church Office6Setup.exe”
8. Follow the instructions on the screen

Where can I get more PDS training?

Self-paced FREE video training for all PDS applications can be found here

Click the Self-paced Training Login link.

You must know your site ID and your pin number. If you don't know these numbers contact PDS at

CSA Financial Sync:  Error Payments Don't Match

"Has a total of payments that does not match the Pledge Drive Status report."

Possible Reason #1:  When you run the Pledge Drive Status Report, the Date Range To Print should read 2/1/2018 to 1/31/2019.  Note:  In most cases, those dates are sticky meaning they'll be there the next time you run the report but I have heard from some people that they can occasionally change without your knowledge so it's best to check them every time.

Possible Reason #2:  The following 4 boxes should be check on the Pledge Drive Status Report.

Skip Families that do not have any selected funds
Include Family marked as Loose Collection
Include Active Families
Include Inactive Families

Fund Keywords:  Difference between Fund Keyword 1 and Fund Keyword 2

Fund Keyword 1 tells us WHEN to mail the reminder:  [No Reminder, Monthly Reminder, Bi-monthly Reminder, or May/November Reminder].

Fund Keyword 2 tells us HOW to send the reminder:  [No Reminder, Standard Mail Reminder or E-mail Reminder].

Note the only time Keyword 1 & 2 match is when the parishioner has indicated  No Reminder

Who to call

If you are having trouble getting the software to work or are receiving any sort of error (outside of the CSA Financial Sync) please contact PDS. Please also contact PDS if you have made a pledge entry error and need assistance. The number is 1-877-737-4457.

If you are having trouble with your CSA Financial Sync, Click here to email Julia Cooney or call 814-824-1253 or fax: 814-824-1264.

Since all of our churches are on monthly support you can call the toll free phone number and receive help with full installations along with other assistance on updating their program, viewing self-paced videos, etc.

Below are links to the different areas that churches may access:
Toll-Free Support Telephone Number - (877) 737-4457
Software upgrades and downloads –
Online self-paced classes