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Spotlight on Religious Education

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Spotlight on Religious Education 2008-09 This document was prepared by Bunnie Shinsky the religious education leader at Our Lady of the Lake parish in Edinboro. This simple document is a tremendous tool to communicate with the parents of the children in the RE program about what is going on. The boxes on the left side of the page are a great way to acknowledge the catechists of the parish. The brilliance of the format is in the amount of material provided – enough that parents will get the point of what is going on – and yet not more than they will actually read.


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cover of sacrament of confirmation handbook

Sacrament of Confirmation Handbook Example 2009 (Word doc.)

This resource was prepared by
Fr. Jason Glover when he served at Notre Dame parish in Hermitage. It is a very thorough document that you can alter to fit your particular situation without having to start from scratch.

cover of confirmation book of remembrance

Confirmation Book of Remembrance
(Word doc.)

This document was prepared by
Fr. Justin Pino at Sts. Cosmas and Damian in Punxsutawney. It is elegant in its simplicity but holds together so much in a beautiful way.

















Simple Spiritual Practices for Households of Faith

A one page handout that you can send home to promote faith in the family. Created by Shari Bronson, St. Brigid, Meadville.

Simple Spiritual Practices for Households of Faith

holy bible

Sacred Scripture

At the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops there is a complete edition of the New American Bible. It is not a searchable edition of the Bible however, and you need to know your reference to find the text.

View the New American Bible at the USCCB




Purchase a Searchable Bible

There are searchable editions at reasonable prices:

St. Marys Press — The Searchable Catholic Youth Bible™ Revised on CD-ROM

Click here to view the General Directory for Catechesis then scroll down to "Preface."

General Directory for Catechesis

General Directory for Catechesis (this is the essential Church document for doing catechesis. The document is organized by paragraphs – check out the following key sections by clicking on the book and scrolling down to the appropriate paragraph)

Adults must be considered the chief form of catechesis – paragraph 59; 172-176; 258

Aim of catechesis – paragraph 66 and 80

Catechesis is orderly and systematic – paragraph 66 – 67

Catechetical methods – paragraph 149 – 150; 152; 160; 168

Catechumenate as the model for all catechesis – paragraph 29; 59 and 90

Commitment to the poor – paragraph 17 – 18, 103

Communion with God – paragraph 23

Community of faith and catechesis – paragraph 158 – 159; 220; 253 - 254

Conversion – paragraph 29; 53

Culture and catechesis – paragraph 202-203

Disabled and catechesis – paragraph 189-190

Parents as the primary educators of children – paragraph 226; 255

Process of conversion – paragraph 56

Responsibility to revelation – paragraph 39

Role of the catechist – paragraph 156

Tasks of catechesis – paragraph 85-86

Youth and catechesis – paragraph 181-185

Catechism of the
Catholic Church

(This site is a searchable Catechism and is the essential authoritative resource for Catholic doctrine.)

Click here to view the searchable Catechism of the Catholic Church.




Teaching Christian Meditation to Children

Children and young adults are born contemplative but in our busy world we are bombarded from an early age with noises, stimulus and a message of “keep busy.” The aim of this program is to teach children the essence of Christian meditation which is to find God in stillness and simplicity.  Or as the Old Testament says, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46)

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Month by Month in the Life of a Religious Educator

This document, based on a religious education leader’s job description, shows the tasks that a religious education leader might perform in each month of the calendar year. While each parish has its own traditions and rhythms this can serve as a guide for the development of a parish calendar.

Month by Month calendar