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Policy 420 revised

In August of 2014, Bishop Persico through his revision of Religious Education Policy 420 has asked parishes to evaluate their current situation against a specific standard regarding the number of children necessary to provide a “schooling model” religious education program.

Policy 420 provides parishes with the option of either combining with a neighboring parish or pursuing an alternative religious education process more suited to the current need. There is more detail concerning this choice in the planning document found on this page.

These pages are provided to assist parishes in understanding what types of alternative programs are to be considered and the resources available to create a successful process for your parish.

aPowerpoint presentation

Assistance for your decision making:

1. Planning document provided

If you need to make a decision concerning the structure of your parish religious education program than the key is an effective planning process which identifies the parish’s greatest strengths and needs and attempts to design around these key realities. Please find a detailed planning guide designed specifically to assist with this self-assessment.

aPlanning Future Directions in Religious Education

2. When combining is your choice

There are several criteria in the policy which you are asked to follow if combining with a neighboring parish is the best choice which emerges from your planning.

a. Consult with your regional Episcopal Vicar about your decision
b. Consult your neighboring parish(s) about your decision
c. Develop a plan to assure the children stay related to your parish community

3. Alternative models (when combining is not possible)

A. Family Centered Models

aFamily Centered Model described

B. Whole Community Catechesis

aWhole Community Catechesis described

C. Resources described

aTextbooks in Alternative Models
aLectionary Based Catechesis
aIntergenerational Resource - OSV
aIntergenerational Resource - Fashioning Faith - CMD
aPartnering with Parents - Great Expectations - 23rd
aWhole Community Catechesis Resources

D. Additional web resources