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Stewardship is a way of life — a journey in faith, hope and love. We are called to be good stewards of all His gifts. Our minds, hearts and souls are gifts to nurture spiritual growth. Our intellect enables us to take care of ourselves, our families and to minister to our fellow human beings.

We are asked to step out in faith by trusting God to supply us our needs. All that is required is the return of our first fruits, not leftovers — our substance, not our surplus.

Stewardship is about giving over, giving up and giving back to God. All that we are and all that we have, is God's gift to us. All that we become is our gift to God.

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The Stewardship and Annual Appeals Office provides resources and materials for parishes who may be interested in increasing their offertory income through sacrificial giving, tithing and other means.

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Lisa R. Louis
Executive Director of the Catholic Foundation and Diocesan Development Services
(814) 824-1237
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William F. Grant, II CFRE
Director of Stewardship and Annual Giving
(814) 824-1192
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Amanda Phanco
Assistant to the Director of Stewardship and Annual Giving
(814) 824-1194
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