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Resources for clergy


Thank you for visiting this page and for everything you do to shepherd us. On this page, we hope to provide resources that will assist you in guiding God’s people according to his plan for human sexuality. If you are not finding something which would be helpful on this page, please email Kate. Also, please feel free to visit our other topic pages, as they do have resources which may be helpful for those you encounter in your own pastoral ministry.

Know of our prayers for you!


VIDEO: Fr. John Baptist Ku, O.P., a Dominican Friar of the Eastern Province, USA, speaks about Humanae Vitae and approaches to preaching this encyclical in parish settings.

VIDEO: The Third Way: Pastoral accompaniment for those with same-sex attraction.

How to Help Cohabitating Couples: From an article in Homiletic and Pastoral Review, one priest shares how he challenges and supports cohabitating couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage.

You are Loved: Highly recommended small booklet to support those trying to break free from a pornography addiction.

Life Teen: Gives some ideas about the chastity and relationship questions that teens and their parents face and pastoral ways to respond.

For additional resources, click here for the FAMILY LIFE OFFICE

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