My DioErie: Diocesan fundraising instruction

Diocesan fundraising instruction

Every year throughout the United States there are vast fundraising efforts undertaken in the name of Catholic institutions. These efforts are governed by canon law. Among the pertinent canons is canon 1262 which specifically allows the bishops of a nation to draw up more-detailed norms (called complementary legislation) which govern fundraising for their nation.

In 2002, the US Bishops sent legislation concerning fundraising to Rome for approval, and Rome approved it on May 2, 2007. It has technically been in force since August 15, 2007. To allow for an orderly implementation of this law in the Diocese of Erie, Bishop Trautman issued an instruction in the technical canonical sense of the term, i.e., a document which provides in greater detail exactly how a law is to be implemented. The diocesan instruction has been in effect since July 1, 2008.

Included on this site are (1) the law itself, (2) the diocesan instruction on how to implement the law, and three simple forms which should be used (3) to request standing approval to raise funds, (4) to request one-time-only approval to raise funds, and (5) to report annually on fundraising.

For more information, contact the finance office at (814) 824-1185 or e-mail Jim Hubert.