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The Office of Priest Personnel assists the bishop in personnel matters affecting all diocesan priests assigned within and outside of the Diocese of Erie, as well as extern and religious priests assigned or residing in the diocese. It endeavors to assure that priests are placed in parishes and given assignments in which they can mostly effectively minister to the people. Through the office, recommendations are made to the bishop regarding the assignment of priests to parishes/special ministries and the appointment of pastors.

Besides staffing, the office is also responsible for responding to requests for advanced studies and sabbaticals, managing the pastor evaluation process, and providing a variety of other supportive services. It is my sincere hope that the information contained on this web page will be informative and helpful. More importantly, I invite you to join me in prayer that this web page, and the office itself, will assist all priests in the diocese to serve the people of God in ministry after the heart and mind of Christ.

— Msgr. Robert Smith, Director of Priest Personnel

Msgr. Robert Smith, JCL
Phone: 814-824-1144 Fax: 814-824-1149
Chris Prehoda
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 814-824-1144 Fax: 814-824-1149

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