My DioErie: Technology Discounts for parishes, schools and staff

Computer Hardware/Software & Communication Deals

Contact Kathy Papalia if you have any questions or problems.

Bishop's written approval is needed for aggregate purchases exceeding $25,000 or 10% of the ordinary income of the parish.  This approval should be obtained before any contracts are signed.

Advertisement of the following contact information does not constitute an endorsement by the Diocese of Erie.


ESET Endpoint Protection is available through the Diocese for $13 per computer. Renewals are $13 per computer per year. EndPoint Protection protects your computer from virus and spyware attacks. EndPoint Protection is only purchased in June of each year.

Microsoft Office 365:   Parishes can get the installed version of Office 365 for $36 per year per person.  Parishes can get the ONLINE version of Office 365 for free.   The online version doesn't include Publisher.

Cell phones service
Verizon: 18% discount on monthly service- You must follow the following 6 steps or your application will be refused. Do NOT go to a local Verizon office. Chances are they won't know anything about this program.
  1. Write " Profile ID 880667" on a pay check stub dated within the last 60 days. Be sure to block out any pay information.
  2. Scan the check stub or take a picture of it. This jpg file should be available to you on the computer you are using to apply for the discount.
  3. Visit this application:
                    From your mobile device
                    From your PC
  4. Fill out the top part as normal
  5. For the Corporate Address, use:
    Diocese of Erie, 429 East Grandview Blvd., Erie, PA 16504
  6. Using Verizon's site, attach the check stub you scanned in the above steps.
Sprint: 10% discount for members of the Erie School Credit Union Contact: 814-825-2436 or 800-480-0494, Option 2
Computers and Software

  • Dell: Marci Foxell.  Direct number is 1-888-977-3355 x6179025.  You must pay by credit card or pre-pay with check. Do not set up a revolving credit account.
  • Insight: (When you call or email, mention DISC.) devoted to finding discounts on all of the brand name manufacturers including: Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Microsoft, Acer, Lenovo and Symantec. 800.805.3087,
  • IU 13 Statewide Software Discount program: IU 13 Statewide Software Discount program offers Pennsylvania schools the opportunity to purchase high-quality instructional and administrative software at significantly reduced prices. This includes software from Microsoft, Adobe,, and many others.
Parishes, Catholic Charities Agencies, Convents and Other Catholic Entities.
  • Dell: Use the contact information for Dell's academic representative which is listed above in the schools section..
  • Insight: (When you call or email, mention DISC.) 800.805.3087,
Employees Purchase Programs - eligible to all employees of St. Mark Catholic Center, any parish, any school, any Catholic Charities agency.
  • Insight: 800.805.3087, (Mention DISC.)
  • Dell: Visit:  Contact Kathy Papalia for the number to enter where is says "Please enter your member ID".  The Dell Employee Purchase Program is a free program that provides discounts for your faculty, staff, students, and their families on personal purchases.  Here are a few of the Program Benefits and a brochure
  • Up to 30% off Dell PC's, Electronics and Accessories
  • Exclusive Pre-Sale Events
  • Dedicated Sales Team (Supports Pre & Post Purchase)
  • Free delivery and easy returns