OPCY Clearance Request Form

The OPCY clearance is required for all new employees and volunteers beginning employment/service after July 1, 2018. This clearance should be requested before employment/volunteer service begins. 

Parish/School/Agency contact person: To obtain a clearance from the OPCY – Complete the online form

After your request is submitted:

The OPCY will email a response to the parish/school/agency within 1 to 2 business days. A hard copy of the clearance will be mailed to the parish/school/agency within 7 days. The clearance will have a diocesan OPCY seal in blue ink. The original copy of the clearance must be on file in the place of employment/volunteer service. Individuals requesting this clearance will be referred back to the parish/school/agency.

Assistance is available by calling 814-824-1195.