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Pre-Cana classes consist of an all-day experience or two afternoon/evening sessions. Couples participate in a series of presentations and activities facilitated by a team of married couples and a priest. Topics include sacramental commitment, finances, spirituality, sexuality, family planning, and common obstacles.

2022 Pre-Cana Class schedule:

Friday, February 11th &
Saturday, February 12th
Friday: 5pm-9pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm

Our Lady of Peace, Erie
Sunday, February 20th 10am to 5pm Ss. Cosmas & Damian, Punxsutawney 814-938-6540
Sundays, February 20th & 
February 27th
8:30am to 12pm
Includes Mass
St. Peter Cathedral, Erie 814-453-6677
Sunday, April 3rd 9am - 5pm
Includes Mass
Queen of the World, St. Marys 814-834-4701
Sunday, April 3rd 9am - 5pm
Includes Mass
St. James, Erie 814-899-6178
Sunday, April 3rd 8:30am-5:30pm St. Titus, Titusville 814-827-4636
Sunday, April 24th 8:30am- 4:00pm
Includes Mass
Holy Trinity, Ramey 814-378-7193
Sunday, July 10th 8:30am - 6:00pm St. Mark Catholic Center, Erie
Sunday, September 18th 8am-5pm
Includes Mass
Our Lady of Mercy, Harborcreek 814-699-5342
Sunday, November 6th 8am-4:30pm
Includes Mass
St. George, Erie 814-864-0622

Click here to view the entire Marriage Preparation Experiences 2022 schedule.

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