Editor's Notebook

by Vince Dragone

Warm August greetings to you all! Here we are in the heart of summer, and I find myself needing to pause and catch my breath amid the flurry of activities that have marked these past few months.

On the personal side, there have been the simple, yet joyful immersion in nature during our camping trips and the time spent nurturing those precious bonds with family. These quiet moments of connection serve as a counterbalance to the pace of work life, grounding us and reminding us of what truly matters.

Work, as many of you may know, has been a bit of a whirlwind. Following the relics of St. Manuel González García and Blessed Carlo Acutis around our diocese has been a deeply moving experience. Witnessing the comfort and joy these relics brought to so many has been both humbling and rewarding. Each town, each parish visited, has added a unique thread to the rich tapestry of this experience.

The ordinations of Father Christopher Beran and Father Cory Pius at the end of May were a profound reminder of the commitment and dedication at the heart of our faith. Let us all pray for vocations.

Around the time you are reading this, I’ll be in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to witness Bishop Edward Lohse’s ordination and installation as its fifth bishop. Watch for a special publication with coverage of the ordination and the events leading up to it.

During all of my travels, the opportunity to meet and talk with many of you has been a real highlight for me. Each story shared, each perspective offered, added to my appreciation of the diversity and richness within our community. It also reiterated the fact that although we hail from different areas of the diocese, our shared faith forms a strong bond between us.

I must confess, though, while I love Erie and all that it represents, it's been refreshing to spend time outside the city. It's given me a wider lens to view our diocese and the vibrant expressions of faith within it.

So, as we soak up the sun this summer, let's also soak up the connections, the shared stories, the common faith that binds us. It's been a busy season, and it's likely to continue that way. But within the busyness, there are blessings, lessons and moments of grace. And for all of these, I am profoundly grateful.

Here's to an end of summer filled with peace, warmth and the continuing journey of faith. May we all find our moments of connection, of reflection, amid the bustle.

Take care and God bless!