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Entering CSA Pledges and Payments
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Other Realm Instructions

Good Data Entry Practices for Names, Salutations and Addresses

Sharing Realm Reports with co-workers

Promotion People to a new ministry or class: Each year churches promote members of small groups to new levels or classes, especially in mifnistries like Student Ministry or Children’s Ministry. To make this an easy process in the database system, Realm has created Promotion Tracks to move members easily from one group into the next one.
End of Year Contribution Statements:  
National Change of Address:  Realm will compare your addresses against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to make sure you always have the best address for your parishioners.   For years, Brenda has been comparing parish Church Office lists against the USPS NCOA list and we have learned that it is important to verify address changes with the individual before accepting/resolving any addresses.    Realm’s data may be more accurate than the service Brenda used or maybe the USPS just gets it wrong sometimes.
  1. Open Realm, the Tasks screen should appear.   If you already had Realm open,
    1. Click your logo in the upper right corner.
    2. Choose Tasks..
  2. Click the blue link next to unrecognized addresses.