Whole Community Catechesis

Whole Community Catechesis (WCC) is one of many movements within the church attempting to help parishes help Catholic families connect life and faith in a more intentional way.

WCC is less a program than a toolbox. Within WCC there are a variety of tools that can be employed to help move a community of faith based on their particular history and needs of the community.

Four key Web sites to visit:

http://www.pastoralplanning.com  - this is a full service WCC Web site with many free resources
http://www.faithfirst.com – this site will provide you with the “Question of the Week” for both children and adults to help connect liturgy and formation. There is a good FAQs section as well.
http://www.harcourtreligion.com – see the section on “Intergenerational Catechesis” to view available resources and the section on “Adult – Growing Faith Project.”
http://www.sadlier.com – look in the “Fast Links” section at the bottom of the page to find resources and another source of the “Question of the Week.”

Text Resources for your consideration (pictures linked to Amazon.com):

These texts will provide you with an overview of the theory which supports WCC.
Text resource Whole Community Catechesis in plain English
Toward an Adult Church
Text Resource Becoming a Church of Lifelong Learners

These texts will provide practical wisdom about the necessary pastoral planning vision to bring a community to change.
Families and Faith A vision and practice for parish leaders
Dreams and visions: pastoral planning for lifelong faith formation


These texts provide some specific planning help.
Handbook for success in whole community catechesis
generations of faith resource manual
The Big book of family gatherings