2022 Healing Masses

August 9th and October 11th

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Faith on Fire! provides information regarding Holy Spirit filled Healing Masses. Following a Spirit-filled Mass, priests and deacons lay hands on anyone in need of physical, spiritual, or emotional healing, while the rest of the congregation remains in a prayerful environment of joining with the Worship Team in lifting praise to our incredible Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God wants to heal us and will heal through the powerful gift given to us by the Holy Spirit. This is one of God's gifts to His Church. During a healing Mass or service, we must remain open to the Holy Spirit and invite Him into our hearts. Come with expectant faith.

Spirit Filled - Healing Mass
Sponsored by Son of God Prayer Group
Holy Rosary Church
2701 East Ave, Erie
Tuesday’s Worship 6:15 Mass 6:30