My DioErie: Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) Materials

2023 Catholic Services Appeal

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The CSA unites the 94 parishes in our diocese in a common effort to share the Catholic faith. This year’s CSA goal is $4,235,000 which helps to support the projects, ministries and departments of the diocese and cannot be used for any other purpose. The below list of resources can assist parishes to run their CSA appeals.

Please contact the Catholic Foundation if you have any needs or questions regarding the CSA.

Lisa Louis, executive director, 814-824-1237,
Julia Cooney, operations manager, 814-824-1253,


Parish Submission Deadlines

Ministry Platform – CSA Input Deadlines (PDF)

Suggested Ask Letter (Word—select "SAVE")
Bulletin Announcements (Word—select "SAVE")
Follow-up Ask Letter (Word—select "SAVE")
Introduction Letter (Word—select "SAVE")
Lybunt Ask Letter (Word—select "SAVE")
Sample Thank You Letter (Word—select "SAVE")
Two-page Parish Bulletin Insert (PDF)
Parish Leadership Handbook (PDF)
CSA brochure (PDF)
CSA prayer (PDF)
CSA poster (PDF)
CSA poster (JPG)
Parish Goal Flyer (PDF)
Faith magazine (CSA edition)

CSA video options

Instructions to download video from Dropbox:
1. Click on the link to the 2023 Catholic Services Appeal video
2. Click the "Download" button located above the video.
3. The video will begin downloading to your computer.
4. Once the download is complete, you can find the video in the "Downloads" folder on your computer.

CSA video on YouTube

Facebook images
1. CSA General parish FB post
2. CSA Pie Chart FB post
3. CSA Thank You FB post
4. Suggested text for FB posts (Word doc)