Or perhaps more accurately — welcome back!

For many months, our households, families and communities were unable to embrace one of the most beautiful joys of our humanity: Gathering around the table to share stories and a meal. Similarly, our parishes have longed to gather around the table of the Eucharist to share our great story: The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

At Mass each Sunday, we remember the faithfulness of God throughout all of salvation history and see how that same great love remains present, here and now. We are physically present with Jesus and with each other. We also long to “re-member” our parishes, because Our Sunday Story isn’t complete if even one member of our family is missing from the table.

Isolation and social distancing have awakened our deep need for connection with each other and with the physical presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. As a community of faith, participating in the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist is our central activity. Recall with us the sacredness of the sabbath, of a family meal and of sharing treasured stories. Then, come, share in Our Sunday Story. We have prepared a place for you!