Revised Order of Celebrating Matrimony
Selected Rites of a Roman Catholic Wedding according to the Revised Order of Celebrating Matrimony (2016)

The Order of Celebrating Matrimony (2016) provides a great evangelization opportunity for the contemporary Church. The revised rite has the potential to be a beautiful, prayerful, uplifting celebration.  The intent of the rite is to engage and include everyone present, to treat everyone equally—recognizing our common baptism—and to be a powerful sacramental sign of God’s love.

As with all sacramental signs, the marriage sacrament is meant to have a spiritual impact on everyone: the bride and groom, the family, those present who are married, or wish to be married, as well as on those who are separated, divorced or widowed.

To accomplish this, the rite must be well prepared and well celebrated. The materials gathered here provide a beginning place to understand the revised rite and prepare it well. Parish liturgical ministers, above and beyond the liturgical musicians, may be needed to make this a reality by creating a suitable worship aid and by offering to provide readers and greeters as necessary.

The ideal evangelizing liturgy may be near impossible to achieve in our secular world. Yet, this revised rite provides a great opportunity and invites parishes to take a step toward helping couples prepare an engaging, participative and sacramental celebration.