Guide for Pastoral Councils

By Matthew Clark
Office of Worship
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The book I recommend for pastoral councils is "Revisioning the Pastoral Council", by Mary Ann Gubish, Susan Jenny and Arlene McGannon from Paulist Press, 2001. You may borrow a copy to review from the Office of Worship.

It identifies the 7 essential elements of parish life and helps a council to evaluate each and build a plan for moving forward.

I have used this with Fr. Wally Packard at St.Joseph, Warren and his new pastoral council (2007). Since it's a workbook and requires some time to go through it as a group, I created a retreat-style PowerPoint workshop to introduce the council to the workbook and the contemporary understanding of the mission of a pastoral council (Contact me if you are interested). The workbook can be used over time to deepen that understanding and give the group direction. 

"Revisioning the Pastoral Council" can be ordered through
Hofmann's Church and Religious Goods
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Toll Free: 800-422-0502