Catholic Sisters Week in the Diocese of Erie
March 8-14, 2022

Catholic sisters stand with the poor and immigrants throughout the year, teaching children, fighting injustice, healing the sick, sharing spirituality, empowering women, defending the planet, promoting peace, creating community, and offering hope.

But for one week each year, March 8-14, the world shines a spotlight on the spirituality, mission and community building work of Catholic Sisters.

Be part of the celebration!

Locally, Catholic Sisters highlight a particular issue during Catholic Sisters Week. This year, the focus is on our common home -- the planet earth. With the theme, Caring for Earth, Caring for You, local sisters are launching a social, broadcast, and print media campaign to heighten the awareness and importance of caring for our planet earth.

Press release

Local Sisters Focus on Caring for Earth, Caring for You

News article

Caring for Earth, Caring for You
by Pat Lupo OSB and Dorothy Stoner, OSB
The Erie Times-News first published this column in its March 6, 2022 edition.

Video Testimonials

Local leaders share information about important environmental topics that connect to our 'Caring for Earth, Caring for You' theme. Whether you recycle, protect natural places, pray, maintain green spaces, look to sustainable business practices, protect water quality, use environmentally friendly modes of transportation, plant a garden, or reduce your carbon footprint, we all have a role to play in caring for the earth.