After students have found relationship and trust in small groups, Sherry Weddell discusses in her book Forming Intentional Disciples a person then desires to know more or meet Jesus. People are made for God and He is seeking them. Spiritual mentors will help our young people relate to Christ and seek Him in their prayer and everyday lives. Spiritual mentoring will deepen the student’s personal relationship with Christ, provide questions and suggestions for prayer for the young person where they are at, and illustrate that the Church cares and is invested in the spiritual journeys of our brothers and sisters. 

Each student will be assigned a spiritual mentor that they would meet with monthly at the “spiritual mentor” evening held at the parish. The format will follow a structure of welcome, music, scripture, adoration, confession and mentorship. 

There will be seven content sessions held over 8 months, with the final session creating an action step of discipleship. The timeframe of sessions could be September through April, or October through June. The session content will include:  

  1. How do I find God in my everyday life? Am I aware of God in my everyday life?  
  2. Who I am? Where I have been and going. 
  3. In relation to others? 
  4. Who is Jesus? Who is Jesus to me?  
  5. Why do I need Jesus? Commitment.  
  6. What is the gift of living that out? 
    1. Prayer
    2. Catholic/discipleship identity markers
  7. How do I make decisions based off my identity?