Made for Mission will provide leadership skills that enhance 12th graders experience and parish ministry, especially keeping in mind the Edge program and retreats. We want to accompany young people and pour into them where their desires and concerns are by creating easily accessible, topical, boxed nights for ministers to utilize, i.e. college essay editing night, discerning your major/job, etc. 

As 12th graders transition into their next stage of life, young people realize and accept in their heart that they are a part of their parish family. 

Within the 6th through 12th grade Faith Formation structure, this is the most flexible year. We encourage that ministers’ time be focused on reaching out to students that have been both involved and those that have not. 12th grade is full of stressors for students: grades, having the best senior year, dividing time between family and friends, being responsible for their schedule/activities, applying for colleges, jobs, or the military, and constantly being questioned by family, friends, and even strangers what is their “plan.”  

Ministers should be having one-on-one conversations in the summer or beginning of the school year to check in and say and ask, “We care about you. How can we walk with you?” 

Ministers could have 4 nights/gatherings at minimum for 12th graders. These “nights” will be plug and play meeting outlines and resources the Diocese will provide in order to free up ministers to accompany youth rather than creating new content. Potential topics for these nights could be: college essay editing night, discerning your major/job, finding mentors in your parish, how to remain faith-filled beyond high school, what it means to be Catholic/apologetics, making and maintaining friendships, and what it means to be a parishioner. These nights/gatherings could be combined with another parish(es) if advantageous.  

Also, we hope that seniors are participating and giving back to parish life (i.e., small group leader in Edge, liturgical minister, going on mission trip/pilgrimage, etc.).