The vision for the middle school curriculum for the Diocese of Erie is to create an environment in which youth feel a sense of belonging as they seek guidance, ask questions, and experience God’s love for them in an ever-changing world. 

The Edge program, part of Life Teen, Inc. is the program being used for this portion of the new faith formation process. 

  • Three-year cycle of lessons, effective for grades six through eight without repeating the lessons.
  • Ministry style meetings done in large area if possible, depending on group size.
  • Edge provides the training, the lessons and a step-by-step guide.  Sessions all have Scripture and Catechism of the Catholic Church references in them.  Goals are plainly stated and a script for the teaching and plan for each lesson is included.
  • Parent letters are provided to be sent home each week with an explanation of what the student has encountered in the session.  The letters also provide family reflection questions.


Gather (25 min) – welcome and introductions of new members (5 min), activity or game. 

Proclaim (10 min) – teaching on Catechism of the Catholic Church or Scripture passage. 

Break (25 min) – break into small groups and do short activity related to the teaching (10 min), followed by 15 min in small group discussions.  The 8th grade small groups may skip the activity and do a deeper discussion with the additional questions provided. 

Send (15 min) – closing prayer 

Weekly Challenge – activity or reflection sent home; it may be journaling, a reflection question, or an action to engage in with friends or family 


There are three types of Edge nights: 

*Edge Night (teaching nights) 

*Social Nights (centered on building relationships) 

*Issue Nights (focuses on relational issues in their lives such as: self-image, loneliness, depression, crisis, atheism (these are just a few of the session topics from previous years).  


Each quarter has up to twelve sessions.  Facilitators can choose which sessions to use if all of them cannot be done.  At least one session each quarter is a Social Night, and one an Issue Night.  


To view a short video on Edge, or review sample lesson plans, go to their website: