Spiritual Gifts Inventory + Training 

A person feels a sense of belonging and investment at their parish when their gifts have been valued and utilized. Learn how this Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory can help you strengthen your parish’s lifelong faith formation efforts. In this series, you will learn how to implement the tool, manage the data, and apply it for: 1. Engaging new parishioners, 2. Engaging Confirmation students in parish life, and 3. Engaging adults through and beyond the RCIA process. Participants in the inventory will learn more about their spiritual gifts, and parish leadership will learn how to leverage the data to transform parishioners’ understanding of parish belonging and service.

The Diocese of Cleveland has developed a Spiritual Gifts Inventory that can be used by individuals and parishes to help discern one's gifts.  They have offered us the use of their hard work and efforts.  Watch this intro by Miguel Chavez, Director for the Office of Missionary Discipleship: Diocese of Cleveland Spiritual Gifts Intro

Then browse the website they just created to offer the culmination of more than a year of work on this project: Called by the Spirit

For more information on using a Spiritual Gifts Inventory for teens ages 13-18, visit our webpage: Spiritual Gifts Inventory for Teens

If you'd like to learn more about this opportunity and/or participate in a Spiritual Gifts workshop and how these gifts can be utlilized in your parish, contact Mary Hickin at mhickin@eriercd.org