Below is the latest guidance regarding marriage preparation and the celebration of weddings for 2021. We will communicate any changes to these protocols if they develop.

For all weddings scheduled through 2021:

  1. Bishop Persico has dispensed from the obligation to make an in-person marriage preparation retreat (such as Pre-Cana, NOVA, and Engagement Encounter) for those couples whose weddings are scheduled to take place in the Diocese of Erie anytime from now through December 31, 2021. 
  2. Couples are encouraged (but not mandated) to do an online marriage preparation retreat.  Links to recommended online retreats are below.*
  3. All other portions of the marriage preparation process (such as FOCCUS, M-A and M-B forms, theological discussion, etc.) are still required and may be done by video conferencing if necessary. 
  4. Weddings celebrations (whether during Mass or outside of Mass) must follow Commonwealth, diocesan and parish COVID protocols in place at the time of the wedding.

Marriage Preparation Retreats July 1 through December 31, 2021:

  1. Those Pre-Cana, NOVA, and Engagement Encounter retreats scheduled after July 1, 2021 are hosted in-person.

*Online Marriage Preparation Options (referenced above in #2)
    1. Mentor-Cohort: Designed in-house at the Diocese, this cohort allows 2-3 couples and 1-2 mentor couples to meet once per week for four weeks. They watch videos from Dynamic Catholic’s Better Together program, and then meet to discuss them and break them open with an activity. The next set of cohorts begin in October.  More information at: Cost: $50

    2. Living our Faith in Love: An online Pre-Cana, with content delivered through videos and multiple choice checks for understanding. “His” and “hers” discussion guides included. Delivery is completely asynchronous. Click here for more information. Cost: $195

    3. Catholic MarriagePrep: An online Pre-Cana, with content delivered via video and email communication with mentors. Asynchronous. Click here for more information. Cost: $195

Please direct questions or requests for additional information to Kate Wilson at or 814.824.1261.