rosaryWhat is the World Mission Rosary?

In 1951, Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen created the World Mission Rosary. Each decade of the World Mission Rosary represents a different area of the world where missionaries continue to share the Good News of Jesus.

  • GREEN symbolizes the forests and grasslands of AFRICA
  • BLUE is for the ocean surrounding the ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC
  • WHITE symbolizes EUROPE, home of the Holy Father, shepherd of the world
  • RED shows the fire of faith that brought the first missionaries to the AMERICAS
  • YELLOW is for the morning light of the East, symbolizing ASIA.

To pray the World Mission Rosary, reflect on each area of the world according to the particular color bead described above at the time you announce each Mystery.

When you have completed the World Mission Rosary, you have given the World a big hug!