Why Advertise in Faith magazine?

Distribution: Faith magazine is a high-quality publication directly mailed 6 times per year to 53,000 Catholic households in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Reach: Faith magazine reaches 37% of the population of Erie County and nearly 25% of the population of northwestern Pennsylvania.

Readership: A recent Simmons Marketing Research Study* discovered the following characteristics among readers of Catholic publications:
  • Home owners (75%)
  • Married (72%)
  • Female (68%)
  • Between 35 and 64 years of age (57%)
  • College graduates (39%)
  • Average income ($47,000)
  • Regularly save and invest money (60%)
  • Strongly support charities (90%)
  • Regular domestic travelers (77%)
Experience: The staff of Faith magazine has more than 40 years of publishing experience. In addition, we also have access to the resources of the Catholic Press Association and the Catholic News Service.

Awards: In its short history, Faith magazine has won more than 30 awards from the Catholic Press Association.

*The Simmons Marketing Research Bureau is one of the most reputable research companies in the United States and has worked with such clients as the New York Times, Time magazine and Readers Digest.

For more information on advertising in Faith magazine please contact:

Brenda Williams
Advertising Manager
Faith magazine
429 E. Grandview Blvd.
Erie, PA 16504

Phone: (814) 824-1161
Fax: (814) 824-1170
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