New Leader Orientation

"If religious education is important, then it can only demand our best — which means becoming more than what we are now. This vision of the religious educator may be beyond what any one religious educator can fulfill, but is that any reason to reduce the vision? The vision serves to challenge, a goal to be reached for, a pull into the future."

— Functional Images of the Religious Educator by Timothy Lines, p. 516

Sowers of the Seed

An Orientation Program for new Religious Education Leaders New Leaders – A Promise to You!

The Diocesan Department of Religious Education operates with a simple and yet compelling vision of what will make religious education successful and fruitful in bringing people to Christ: we are a community of believers. Because we perceive our work through the lens of community, this is what you can expect from us:

1. You will never be left on your own to face challenges(unless you choose to do so)

a. We strive at every opportunity to surround you with a community of people who can and will support you in the work of religious education leader.
i. Phone and email support from the diocesan staff at your convenience. A meeting at your parish arranged at a mutually convenient time.

ii. Regional monthly gathering of leaders (or an opportunity to join the community on the telephone in the evening if you are not available during the day).

click here for religious education leader orientation schedule

2. You are joining a community of learners
a. As a community of learners we are constantly striving to improve our knowledge about the people we serve and the methods to do it. In this community, the only bad question is the one that is not asked.

b. The Department of Religious Education provides monthly in-service opportunities. Continuing education days are provided to help you stay up-to-date on issues to improve your program and spiritual formation days are provided to help you stay grounded in Christ.
3. A Mentor is available to assist new leaders for the first year if one is desired:
a. The Department of Religious Education has gathered together a group of experienced religious education leaders from across the diocese who have agreed to meet with new leaders on a regular basis during their first year.

b. Experienced leaders can help you develop resources to provide retreats, parent meetings, etc. They will always be a listening ear!!
4. Annual Retreat
a. A retreat is scheduled each year in June for religious education leaders. Our department feels that this retreat experience is so important in the continuing formation of our leaders that new leaders are invited to the retreat at no cost. Consult the current schedule listed above. To see the retreat center where we gather please visit the Olmsted Manor Retreat Center website.