Athletic Programs

Our goal is to provide for the Christian education and formation of our children through athletics. In striving to teach the Christian values of competition, and to clearly inform all spectators of their responsibilities in attaining this goal.

Keeping Kids Active at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all families across the country. With social distancing guidelines, it can be a struggle to keep children active. It's critical to the physical and mental health of our children that they get regular exercise and maintain goals while without certain organized sports. Play Like a Champion is here to help. We've created a place to list resources and share ideas from across the country, with a goal of helping parents and coaches to keep kids moving until we can return to normal activity. We encourage you to explore the links below, then follow and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get additional resources and share your own. Together, we can keep kids healthy and strong while helping stop the spread of COVID-19. Click here to learn more.

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Pre-game/pre-meet greeting and prayer 

Greeting and prayer

Participant / Parent Forms:
2021-22 Participant Release Forms Packet

What is the “roster fee” that is paid by each team?

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