Education and Formation Endowments


STATEMENT OF PURPOSE - Grant request goals and objectives must meet at least one of the purpose statements listed below.

REEF was established to provide financial resources for programs and participation in programs which:
  • Offer education, formation, and development of parish, school, or diocesan staff
  • Provide creative activities that would further the education and formation of youth and adults
  • Encourage initiative and creativity in seeking ways to deliver the Good News
  • Meet emerging needs of religious education and faith formation

BEFORE BEGINNING THE APPLICATION PROCESS - Please read the Grant Application Form Instructions and the Education and Formation Endowments Brochure.

PER THE INSTRUCTIONS - Review the grant categories, select the best match for your needs, complete the application, and return it to EFE - CSO at St. Mark Catholic Center.

IF AWARDED GRANT FUNDING - Each recipient is expected to complete a Grant Report Form. The report due date will be detailed in the grant award letter.

*The Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania funds technology and other education grant opportunities. Please refer to for more information about Catholic Foundation grants.