Region III, National and Continental Synod Reports

Thank you for your interest in the Region III, National and Continental Synod reports.

The Regional Report comprises the information gathered in sessions held in the dioceses of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including the Diocese of Erie.

The National Report captures the themes and concerns from all of the reports from dioceses across the country.

The Continental Report is the result of the work of representatives from both the United States and Canada. Mexico’s report will be included with the report from South America.

The Regional Report, which was submitted to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, can be found here.

The National Report can be found in both English and Spanish.

The Continental Report that is being forwarded to the Vatican can be found both in English and Spanish.

Find the original diocesan report here.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in the Synod, which will take place in Rome during sessions in
October 2023 and October 2024.
The Diocese of Erie will continue sharing the information that results from the Synod
both on this website and in its publications.