About the Diocese of Erie

We are a diocese composed of the thirteen counties of Northwestern Pennsylvania with a Catholic population of about 195,000. Geographically, we are the largest diocese in the state covering 10,167 square miles. Much of the diocese is rural (farmlands, fields and forests) with one large city, Erie (the See city) and several medium-sized metropolitan areas.

The Diocese of Erie has been led by Bishop Lawrence T. Persico, JCL, since October of 2012. In addition to shepherding the diocese through a comprehensive pastoral plan involving schools, parishes and faith formation, he has made it his priority to be with the people in the diocese whenever possible, visiting parishes, schools and other organizations for a variety of liturgical and non-liturgical events.

The diocese is served by 92 active diocesan priests, as well as approximately 7 priests from other dioceses or religious communities, 34 retired diocesan priests and 66 diocesan permanent deacons. There are approximately 187 women religious living in the diocese. We are educating 5,008 students in elementary, middle and high schools for the 2022-2023 school year. Our religious education programs involves about 4,800 elementary and secondary children and youth, including confirmation students.

The Diocese of Erie welcomed 783 people in baptism this past year while funerals were celebrated for 1,976 members of our parish families who were called home to God in that time.

These facts tell you a little about what we are as a Church.
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