Boy Scouts

Within the thirteen counties of the Catholic Diocese of Erie we have four Scout councils:
  • Allegheny Highlands council with the council office situated in Falconer, New York;
  • Bucktail council office which is located in DuBois, PA.;
  • Chief Cornplanter council office in Warren, PA.;
  • French Creek council in Erie, PA.
The goal for scouting within the Catholic Diocese of Erie is to help our scouts learn about the Catholic faith, deepen their relationship with God, and learn to be a strong disciple of Jesus Christ. Scouting is an effective way to help Catholic youths to do their duty to God and to their country. Scouting builds character and teaches devotion to God in an environment that provides wholesome fun under the guidance of strong adult role models. The scouting programs provide a wonderful channel to involve youth in the life of Catholic parishes. Young people experience Scouting as a growth into personal maturity and social responsibility. They learn to assume their role in life with a high degree of commitment, and to care for others who are less fortunate. They develop a strong desire to build a culture of goodwill, respect for the environment and acceptance of duties. Cub Scouting is based on fun with a purpose while in Boy Scouting the Scouts learn by doing. In Exploring and Venturing we have like activities that promote responsible leadership, social awareness, career exploration, personal fitness, outdoor fun, and service to others. YOUTH AWARDS These are the Catholic awards that can be earned through the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) and through the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM):

  • The Light of Christ emblem designed for 6-7 years old Cub Scouts. NCCS
  • The Parvuli Dei emblem designed for 8-10 years old Cub Scouts. NCCS
  • The Ad Altare Dei emblem designed for 13-14 years old Boy Scouts. NCCS
  • The Pope Pius XII emblem designed for Venturing Crew Members and Boy Scouts 15 years old and older. NCCS
  • The America Saint Series emblems are designed for scouts of any age. NFCYM
Boy Scout Emblem Order Form

EAGLE SCOUT Young Catholic men in the Diocese of Erie who have earned the rank of Eagle Scout can request a recognition letter from Bishop Lawrence T. Persico. The parent or scout leader should download the following application and submit at least 30 days prior to the Court of Honor.

Eagle Scout recognition letter request form


St. George Award The National Catholic Committee on Scouting®, acting through the Diocese of Erie, may award the St. George emblem to members of the laity and clergy, Scouters and non-Scouters alike, who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic youths through Scouting. The recipients of this emblem are to be sought after and selected by an active committee of the Diocese of Erie. This committee is to be newly-appointed each year by the diocesan Scout chaplain or chairperson. Nomination forms should give a detailed description of how the nominee provides outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youths through Scouting in the Catholic Church. It is improper to nominate oneself or one’s spouse. General Scouting achievements do not qualify a person to receive the St. George emblem. The Boy Scouts of America has district, council, regional and national awards for such recognition. Click for more information and the downloadable nomination form.