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The Attendance Policy was revised in September 2018. Please use the fillable Student Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) document. The flowchart gives an overview of how to meet the requirements of the law concerning student attendance.
Code of Ethics
Read the 2-page code of ethics from the National Catholic Education Association.

Common Core State Standards
The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Erie are in the process of implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Math and English/Language Arts. As a response to some concerns about the CCSS, the Catholic Schools Office offers this statement of support.

Please use this teacher contract for those receiving 24 pays.
Please use this teacher contract for those receiving 26 pays. 
Please use this teacher contract for those receiving 27 pays.
Please use this principal contract for the 2018-2019 school year.
Please use this non-teacher contract for the 2018-2019 school year.
Please use this graduate assistant contract for the 2018-2019 school year.

Evaluation and Observation Forms - Teachers
The Diocese of Erie Catholic schools follow the formal evaluation schedule set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The forms that are to be used to document the evaluations of teachers are the forms designed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in alignment with the Danielson Framework. An additional Catholic domain has been added by the Catholic Schools Office.

The documents for observation and evaluation are found at Tools for Teacher Evaluation.

The documents for differentiated supervision are:

Please keep an original copy in the school personnel file. The teacher is to receive a copy and the Catholic Schools Office is to receive a copy.

Excellence in Catholic Education Grants
These grants support school personnel by offering funding for professional development which will enhance excellence in our schools.
There are two types of grant applications:
Application for Educators and Application for Non-Educators.

Federal Criminal History Record Information
To receive the results of an applicant's criminal history record, please complete the top half of the Request for Federal Criminal History and save the document. Attach the document to an e-mail and send to

Questions may be directed to Director of School Personnel 814-824-1247 or 800-374-3724, Ext. 247.

This document lists the offenses that restrict an applicant from being hired.

Hiring - Teachers and Substitutes

Please review the Teacher Hiring Checklist to be sure that all necessary documentation is in the personnel files.
This document was updated May 2013.

Catholic Identity Pastor's letter and form. The Pastor Recommendation Form is to be received for each teacher hired to teach religion at any grade level. It is recommended that this form be received for all Catholic teachers. This document is to be kept in the school's personnel files.

Character Reference Form for applicants that are not Catholic. This document is to be kept in the school's personnel files.

Catholic Identity Acknowledgement
The “Interview Sign Off” is a required document that is to be presented to all candidates as they report for an interview. The individuals should be afforded time at the beginning of the interview to read, complete, and sign the document.

The “Upon Hire Sign Off" is another required document that is to be presented at the time of hire. The candidate should be afforded time to read, complete, and sign the document prior to being offered the employment contract.

Each document should be maintained in the personnel file. Copies of these documents, the application packet, and contract, should be forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent for School Personnel.

Important Dates to Remember
Calendar for 2018-2019

Incident Report
Please use this report for all situations that require documentation. A sample report is also provided.

Leaders' Meeting
PowerPoint, August 2018

Principal Professional Growth Process
A complete description of the Professional Growth Process for principals is defined in the Policies for Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Erie, PP-12-2. The required forms are below.

Principal Professional Growth Cover Letter
Principal Professional Growth Timeline
Principal Professional Growth Principal Evaluation
Principal Professional Growth Goals Do not click on the Submit button.
Principal Professional Growth Principal Self Evaluation

Smart Snacks - Guidelines
Effective July 1, 2014, guidelines titled "Smart Snacks" were to be implemented in all elementary, middle, and high schools that participate in the National School / Breakfast program. A series of slides gives an overview of the Smart Snacks guidelines. To request an exemption for a fundraiser, please complete the approval form.

Spiritual Journey and Catechist Certification
Read information about the Spiritual Journey that was revised in 2016-2017.
The Speakers List includes names of potential facilitators for Spiritual Journey Days.
There is a dropbox that has manuals for the My Catholic Faith Delivered lessons in Faith Foundations and Prayer/Spirituality.
All teachers within three years of hire are to be certified catechists. This three step process is explained in the Catechist Certification Process.