Diocesan protocols for air-borne illness and statements on COVID-19 vaccines

3/18/22: Revised 2022 COVID-19 Holy Week Directives

9/3/2021: Letter from Bishop Persico regarding masks for Faith Formation

9/2/2021: Letter from Bishop Persico regarding masks in school

8/11/2021: Bishop's Decree Revising COVID-19 Protocols (amended)

8/11/2021: Update: protocols for Mass

8/11/2021: A pastoral letter in pandemic

8/6/2021: Bishops of Pennsylvania prioritize safety upon return to Mass obligation

7/30/2021: Clarification on the obligation to attend Mass

7/15/2021: Statement from the Catholic bishops of Pennsylvania

7/15/2021: Bishop Persico to lift dispensation from attendance at Mass

7/15/2021: Letter to the Faithful regarding the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days

5/14/2021: Diocese updates protocols for public worship

4/5/2021: Bishop Persico establishes committee to explore the full return to public worship

3/3/2021: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

12/19/2020: Statement on the ethical reception of COVID-19 vaccines

11/19/2020: Update: Liturgical Protocols and PA requirements for masks and travel

9/16/2020: Modifications to the protocols for the celebration of public Masses

5/22/2020: Bishop Persico announces option to return to public celebration of Mass

5/21/2020: Decree Establishing Protocols for the Resumption of Public Masses

3/17/2020: A letter from Bishop Persico to the faithful as he suspends public Masses

3/17/2020: Additional details concerning the suspension of Masses

For priests: List of Coronavirus updates from the Chancery