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The Chancery office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie exists to give canonical and administrative support to the Office of the Bishop, the clergy, parishes and institutions of the diocese.  Among its other duties, the Erie Chancery oversees the diocesan Office of Worship and the Archives. 

Services provided by the Chancery Office.

The Chancery Office provides guidance and assistance to parishes, institutions, clergy and people of the Diocese of Erie.  When questions arise concerning matters such as parish administration, property, sacraments, baptism and confirmation sponsors, etc., the Chancery helps to research and answer these questions.

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Find here for recent press releases, letters, statements and notices pertinent to the services offered by the Chancery.

When priests or deacons perform any sacramental or public function in another diocese, they must have a letter from the chancery declaring their suitability for ministry. Click here for more information.

Catholics seeking marriage in the Diocese of Erie should contact a parish priest at least six months (if possible) prior to the wedding.  In general, all weddings in the Diocese of Erie take place in parish churches with a priest or deacon presiding.  The marriage preparation process asks couples to participate in a marriage preparation retreat, and 3-5 individual meetings prior to the marriage.  We are happy to help you prepare for this life commitment.  Please contact a priest, or this office, for additional information.

The Office of Worship supports the bishop in encouraging the full, active and conscious participation by all the people in every liturgical celebration. The office also supports presiders, music directors, liturgy committees, pastoral councils and all those involved in liturgy. Click here for more information.

Click here to schedule a liturgy with Bishop Persico.

Persons who have experienced divorce, and are seeking to learn about the marriage nullity process (annulment), may follow the Tribunal link below.

The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church are tangible ways that Jesus continues to share his life and power with us today.  More…

The Diocesan Archives is responsible for preserving the historical patrimony of the diocese. The Archives preserves diocesan (but not parish) records. Among the duties of the archivist is the proper care of liturgical items, such as chalices, ciboria, etc., which are no longer in use.

Contact the Archivist at:

Father Justin Pino
St. Mark Catholic Center
429 E. Grandview Blvd.
Erie, PA 16504