Protection of Children and Youth

Safe Environment Training Programs

The Diocese of Erie is committed to providing safe environments for our youth through the mandatory training of all adults, whether employees, volunteers or clergy, who have direct contact and/or routine interaction with minors and the training of all youth in Catholic schools and Parish Religious Education/Formation/Youth Ministry programs.


Employee/Volunteer/Clergy Training

Before working with minors all employees, volunteers and clergy must successfully complete the diocesan Creating a Safe Environment training. In addition, those working in Catholic Schools must also complete the PA Mandated Reporter training. That link can be found in the documentation section of the Protection of Children webpage.

Creating a Safe Environment training instructions

Training is best viewed using the Chrome or Edge browser. Click here to take the required “Creating A Safe Environment” training
A score of 80% on the test is necessary for successful completion. Anyone scoring less than 80% will be required to retake the training until a passing score is achieved.

Children and Youth in Parishes and Catholic Schools

The USCCB has indicated that the mandated child protection/safe environment training of children and youth has resulted in more children coming forward to report cases of inappropriate behavior on the part of adults. With this information and experience in mind, the diocese requires that all children and youth in a parish or Catholic school be presented age-appropriate programs each year and that documentation is maintained by the parish or school.

Steps to Complete Safe Environment Training Chart

Approved DVD list PreK-Grade 3
Approved DVD list Grades 4-5-6
Approved DVD list Grades 7-12

Approved Agencies presenting Prevention Education Programs


The diocese requires all parishes and Catholic schools to provide parents with materials on safe environment/prevent abuse information annually and to maintain documentation of this in the parish or school.

Parent Inservice Instructions– Parishes and Catholic Schools

Parent Inservice Material 2023-24

Parent Inservice Material 2022-23

Parent Inservice Material 2021-22

Brochure: Frequently Asked Questions about Child Abuse
Brochure: Frequently Asked Questions about the Child Abuse Policy
List of Child Protection Web sites and Hotline Telephone Numbers