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The value sought - Whole ersons knowledgably live Gospel values and Catholic traditions.

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Religious education programs will teach the specific grade level requirements defined in the current diocesan Religious Education Curriculum as found on the Department of Religious Education website.

Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum Parishes are to use textbooks that meet the following criteria:
1) the entire series must have both an Imprimatur and a Nihil Obstat

2) the series must have been found in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church by the Subcommittee on the Catechism, USCCB

3) the series must be on an approved Diocesan list maintained and updated by the Religious Education Office

4) the curriculum type must be “spiral” in nature

5) one series must be used for all grades at least until Jr. High

6) the school and religious education program within a parish are encouraged to use the same religion text series but are not required to do so

7) it is also encouraged that “consumable” student texts be used as designed.
List of approved religious education texts
Process to review and select a text series

Student assessment is an important element which helps to determine that program goals are actually being accomplished. Written assessment of student progress is to be communicated with parents.

Student assessment considered

510.10 If a religious education program chooses to use report cards or other written reports of student progress, it will be clearly communicated to the parent(s) on the report that it measures a student’s progress in knowledge about the faith and is not a measurement of their progress in the spiritual life.

Diocesan Report Card (Print your own)

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