700 - Resources and environment

The value sought:  Education in the sacred arts requres our noblest effort.

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701.00:  Parishes will provide religious education programs with adequate resources, both personnel and fiscal, to assure a quality formation in the Gospel for all parishioners (children, youth and adults). Canon 229

702.00: Parishes will provide materials to catechists for effective and quality programming. These materials will include, but not be limited to, textbooks, paper, writing implements, media materials, etc.

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703.00:  Parish religious education programs will have access to secretarial support services.   703.10: religious education. Each of these computers will have PDS Faith Formation Module installed. Every religious education leader is also to have access to additional business machines (copiers, etc.) necessary to run the religious education program.

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704.00:  Parish educational facilities will have essential educational equipment including such items as TV/VCRs/DVD players, chalkboards or equivalents, flipcharts, overheads, etc. so that the Diocesan Curriculum can be faithfully presented.

704.10: Classes/groups that meet in parishioners’ homes will have access to the same equipment as is available at the parish.

705.00: Religious education programs will plan for the continuing integration of current technology into their program, including but not limited to computers, internet access, etc.

710.00: Parish religious education programs will have a budget and follow Diocesan Religious Education Budget Guidelines.

Budgeting: an introduction
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710.10: Budgeting will provide resources for the religious formation of children, youth and adults to ensure that the Diocesan Curriculum can be faithfully presented.

720.00: Parish facilities will strictly adhere to child safety and welfare regulations.

720.10: The physical plant is to meet reasonable standards for the health and safety of all who use the buildings, including but not limited to adequate, marked and accessible fire exits, adequate restroom facilities, etc.

720.20: Each religious education program will have one safety drill (fire, tornado, etc.) annually. All catechists must be instructed regarding safety procedures and receive a copy of the procedures for their reference.

721.00: Parish educational facilities will be suitable and comfortable to those for whom the space is primarily intended.

722.00: The Diocese of Erie does not sponsor any Middle School dances. Some dances have been advertised as “Catholic.” There is no permission to use that title in identifying any such dances. The Diocese of Erie in no way, shape, or form sponsors these dances. Such dances are not associated with the Catholic Church, its schools, institutions, programs, and/or organizations. Approved by Bishop Donald W. Trautman on August 6, 2000. 730.00: Visible signs, symbols and images of the Catholic Tradition will be present in classrooms and throughout the parish educational spaces.

731.00: The Sacred Scriptures will be reverently and tastefully displayed in every space used as a classroom.