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Editor's Notebook (May 2024)
How's your pilgrimage going?

Update on Olha, Vanya, Sasha and, yes, Dimi!
Ukrainian family welcomed in Warren prepares to head to New England

Parenting (May, 2024)
I am unique

Truth in Charity (May, 2024)
Bishop Persico reflects on pastoral planning

The Ministry of Administration
Five priests reflect on their call to serve parishes as well as diocesan administration

Sins of the past shouldn’t keep us from our future
Embrace the opportunity for reconciliation

Nurturing faith and building relationships
Faith magazine recently sat down with Father Jason Feigh

One faith, one family
Bishop shares how contributions to the CSA changes lives.

In discipleship, in prayer, in service
The Catholic Church’s reach in northwest Pennsylvania is vast and varied.

Divine Protection
A Pilgrimage in the Shadow of War

Progress over perfection

Do you feel called?
God calls each of us to a special vocation

The Synod on Synodality: a progress report
The members of the general assembly adopted the 41-page synthesis report.

Feature story (Dec. 2023 edition)
Enhancing the quality of life with hospice

Decades of hope fulfilled
Previously unidentified Korean War soldier killed in action buried at home in Marienville

Editor's Notebook (Dec. 2023)
Vince Dragone reflects on Advent and parenting

Raising saints
Lessons from the mother of Blessed Carlo Acutis

CCCAS' 70-year charitable legacy
A look at the humble beginnings of Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Services and a vision of the future

Truth in Charity
Advent and Christmas: A time of reflection and joyful anticipation

Eucharistic testimony
A first-Communion homily becomes a lifelong inspiration

Parenting: A lesson in life and death
A tale of our betta fish, Bluey Sisinni

Eucharistic Adoration and Celebration
What is the point of eucharistic adoration?

Ever ancient, ever new
A historical reflection on pastoral planning

Welcoming young families
How many people brought their kids to Mass? Do you think they feel welcomed or encouraged?

Editor's Notebook (Oct. 2023)
Faith magazine editor, Vince Dragone, reflects on rural life

Echoes of hope: Immersed in Uvalde's healing
Jennifer Wortman reflects on her trip to Uvalde, Texas

Udder devotion: Embracing God's guidance on the farm
A story of resilience, hope, faith and perseverance.

Count your blessings and pass them on
When you have small children, days are filled with endless and repetitive callings of “Mom. Mom? MOM!”

In the presence of grace: Personal reflections of faith and adoration
Eucharistic testimony by Sanibel Stravinsky

A testament to a rich, interconnected history but also a beacon of shared faith and communal resilience.

Editor's Notebook
Faith magazine editor, Vince Dragone, reflects on a busy but blessed month in the diocese.

Witness the comfort and joy the relics of St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia and Blessed Carlo Acutis brought to the Diocese of Erie.

So there was never any question how Bishop-elect Lohse would respond to the assignment from the Holy Father, relayed to him through the apostolic nuncio.

August 2023 edition of Faith magazine
A uniquely Catholic devotion